About SMPD

San Mateo Police Department Headquarters Building

Our Mission Statement 

Safety on our streets, security in our schools and in your homes, success of our businesses, and service to the members of our community is our mission. The men and women of the San Mateo Police Department are progressive and professional; dedicated peace keepers, defenders of our community’s quality of life, and problem solvers protecting our community through professionalism, integrity, and excellence. We provide a safe and secure quality of life through resolution of issues and problems by aligning community partnerships and resources through ongoing collaborations. We have a committed, diverse, and outstanding group of men and women in this department dedicated to providing outstanding public service.   
Fairness, equality, and justice are our guiding principles as we execute our duties and obligations while adhering to the highest ethical standards. The department is dedicated to protecting with honor and serving with pride.  We provide creative, proactive, and long-term solutions to issues that arise, strengthening and securing our neighborhoods. We strive to be the model police agency that others will emulate and a leader in the county and our profession, adopting creative and innovative strategies to prevent crime and support those most in need. We provide our services through a trauma-informed restorative justice approach understanding that many who offend require more than jail to rehabilitate and restore their lives.

The Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life in our city, by recognizing community needs, forming partnerships, and working with allied agencies to ensure long-term resolution to crime and disorder issues. We will continue to do this through cutting-edge technology, creative solutions to problems, by respecting individual rights, conducting fair and non-biased policing, and good, old-fashioned police work. 

Services and Structure

The San Mateo Police Department has always strived to represent excellence in policing. One way we do this is by staying one step ahead by anticipating trends, being proactive in all areas, and taking action before we have to react to crises. One of our most important ways to stay a step ahead of crime is through open communication with the community we serve. You, the community, are our best eyes and ears for what is happening in your neighborhoods, as well as helping us find ways to reduce crime. Working with you in an open and collaborative manner also holds us accountable which benefits the community most. Help us stay a step ahead by keeping yourself informed. On our website you will find a variety of ways to get involved and partner with the San Mateo Police Department. We truly value our community and look forward to meeting you out in the community.