Current FEMA Flood Map

Since 2001, FEMA has issued Flood Zone maps for San Mateo designating certain sections of town as "high risk". These high risk areas are required to carry flood insurance if properties have a federally backed mortgage. As projects have been completed, FEMA has reevaluated the high risk maps and made adjustments to their rate maps. The 2015 certified map remains the most recent Flood Zone Map for San Mateo, until the 2019 map takes effect. 

2019 FEMA Flood Zone Map, forecasting the potential radius of homes that may be added to the high-risk flood zones as a result of the recent Coastal Study. This map becomes effective April of 2019. The green area is the current high-risk zone, and the red area is FEMA's current proposed expansion of the high-risk zones.

CURRENT (2015) FEMA Flood Zone Map. Revised and official as of July 16, 2015. This map adds and removes areas as a result of the residual interior flooding study.

2012 FEMA Flood Zone Map. Revised October 16, 2012, the map reflects improvements made to the South Shoreview Neighborhoods.

2010 FEMA Flood Zone Map. Issued December 10, 2010.

2001 FEMA Flood Zone Map. On October 19, 2001, FEMA issued a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) for the City of San Mateo that placed parts of the City within a special flood hazard area. This designation made flood insurance mandatory for properties within the hazard area.

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