101st Airborne - Permanent Exhibit

San Mateo's Adopted Eagles - 101st Airborne

Read a brief history of San Mateo's relationship with The Screaming Eagles, a unit of the 101st Airborne.

The 101st Airborne Permanent Exhibit at the Library

To commemorate San Mateo’s special relationship with the 101st Airborne, an advisory committee was formed in 1973 to plan a memorial display. The San Mateo Main Library was chosen as the location. On August 9, 1974 the Memorial Room was officially dedicated. The Memorial Room display was active until July 2003 when the old Main Library was demolished to make way for the new Main Library.

The Main Library now displays a variety of 101st Airborne memorabilia on the northeast wall of the 3rd Floor. A plasma screen shows highlights of the 101st Airborne returning from Vietnam in January, 1972 to San Mateo.

Historical Images of the 101st Airborne

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