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Officer Visit Request

  1. Request Guidelines

    Please make all requests at least four weeks in advance to help us balance community requests with emergency responses, trainings, and other police responsibilities.

    While police officers enjoy participating in community events, our first priority is providing quality, timely, and professional emergency services to those who live, work, learn, and play in the San Mateo. We may not be able to accommodate all event requests due to call volume, training, and other scheduling conflicts.

    If a police officer attends your event, they will typically remain “in service” and park somewhere that allows them to leave quickly if they are dispatched to an emergency.

    Police officer visits are typically scheduled for one hour, with the understanding that responding to an emergency may cause the officer to be late to the event, to have to leave abruptly, or in some cases, to not show up at all.

    After we receive your completed online form, we will send an e-mail within one week acknowledging that your request was received and is being reviewed. We aim to confirm the visit within one week of the requested event date.

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