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City of San Mateo Memorial Bench Application

  1. Memorial Benches are $2,500 per bench and fees are subject to annual change.

    Once your application has been approved, Staff will contact you with payment options, available locations and bench type.
  2. Example of Memorial Bench
  3. Preferred Park
    Please choose your preferred park from the choices below

    • San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the location of memorial benches.
    • The City reserves the right to determine the level of general care depending on budget availability.
    • The City reserves the right to determine if the bench is damaged beyond usability. The first 5 years the City will make any repairs if a bench is damaged or destroyed after that period the City will attempt to contact the donor as they have the option to purchase a new bench if it is damaged beyond repair.
    • It is the donor’s responsibility to update their contact information with the City Memorial Bench Program.
    • Review of memorial benches involves at least one site meeting. A representative from the Parks and Recreation Department will meet with the donor to identify a specific location. Staff then reviews the site for approval.
    • The City accepts no replacement liability for the bench or plaque.
    • The City reserves the right to relocate the bench if unforeseen circumstances arise due to its location or setting such as Park renovation.
  5. For additional information, please call Ryan Zuehlsdorf, Park and Landscape Supervisor at (650) 522-7435 or email
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