Central Recreation Center

Location: 50 E. 5th Ave. (Central Park) San Mateo, CA 94401
Self-Help for the Elderly: (650) 342-0822
For Building Reservations: (650) 522-7490
For Picnic Reservations: (650) 522-7434

About Central Park Recreation Center

During week nights, you can take one of our popular aerobic classes or rent a center space for meetings and other functions. On weekends our aerobic classes take place in the mornings, and then you can rent the following center rooms for all kinds of social events from noon to midnight!

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Rentable Indoor Spaces

The following rooms are available for rental:
  • Assembly:
    • Banquet style 83 occupancy
    • Theater Style 175 occupancy  
  • Activity A: 58 occupancy (available for meetings only)
  • Activity B: 48 occupancy (available for meetings only)