Aging Services

We know today’s older adult wants a dynamic and interactive lifestyle and our offerings reflect that desire.

Parks & Recreation offers everything from fitness classes, history classes, bridge classes, computer classes, and much more.

Looking for a place to read a book, play bridge, mahjong, or chess? We offer drop in areas free of charge on a first come, first serve basis. We provide a great place to meet friends, take a class, or enjoy a movie.
We believe that our older adults have spent decades as the backbone of our community and it’s our turn to serve them!

Senior programs and facilities also include:

Senior Couple dancing

Event & Program Highlights

Healthier Living

This Stanford developed, evidence-based program will help you learn healthier living techniques such as: goal setting, problem solving, physical activity, better breathing and relaxation!

Healthier Living
Talking and planning together at the table.

Planning for Long Term Care

Begin the conversation, start a plan, and learn about Long Term Care Insurance. Do you need LTC? Where will you receive care? How do you pay for medical care in Retirement?

Acoustic Folk Session: Intermediate

Join us in playing acoustic covers and renditions from folk, country, Americana, even R&B and Hawaiian musical interests. Bring your guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, etc. Capos are recommended for this intermediate class.

Curtis playing the guitar
Social Security Cards and Cash

Social Security and You

You want to retire. How much should you rely on Social Security for benefits? Come have a financial discussion on eligibility for benefits, full retirement vs. early retirement, & more!

Tech Programs

The following Computer and Electronic Device classes are taught at the Senior Center by volunteers of our Computer Team who enjoy sharing their skills and knowledge with others.

Seniors working together on a laptop
Chinese Scam

Senior Scam Seminar

A FREE Seminar hosted by Assemblymember Kevin MullinLearn how to protect yourself from various types of fraud such as financial, identity theft, telephone scams, insurance, mail and more.