Age-Friendly San Mateo

What is Age-Friendly? 

In October of 2020, the City of San Mateo made a commitment to become an Age-Friendly City by joining the AARP’s Age Friendly Communities Network. See the Community News Release for more information.

What is the San Mateo Age-Friendly Action Plan? 

In November 2022 the City submitted its Age Friendly Action Plan to the AARP. See the the Age-Friendly Action Plan. The Action Plan is a road map to completing the identified projects selected by the Age-Friendly Task Force. See the project below to learn about the status of specific projects.

Safe Walking Routes

The Task Force conducted a study to identify major concentrations of seniors in the City and the destinations they would most likely walk to if conditions were safe.  The results of the study were provided to (1) the San Mateo Public Works Department to assist with prioritizing repairs of sidewalks and minimizing safety hazards on specific routes between them to reduce liability risk and encourage walking by seniors for health and socialization and (2) the San Mateo Police Department to assist with enforcement of rules regarding parking that obstructs sidewalks.

Age-Friendly Business Certification

The Task Force designed and distributed a questionnaire to learn what San Mateo seniors value most in a business.  152 responses were received and evaluated. The data will then be used to work with the Chamber of Commerce to establish a system for certifying businesses as Age Friendly. Currently the Task Force is preparing applications for grants to retain a provider that will train employees of businesses that wish to be certified in what it means to be age-friendly.

Age-Friendly News Articles

The Task Force researches and drafts monthly News Bulletins that feature information about programs and services available in San Mateo that may be of interest to older adults.  The News Bulletins are disseminated more than 60 local organizations (faith-based, neighborhood, community) for inclusion in their newsletters or other distribution to members.  The Task Force also published a brochure that summarizes some of the information contained in the News Bulletins.

Intergenerational Community Building

The Task Force is working with the San Mateo Parks & Recreation Department, Villages of San Mateo County, and other organizations to design and implement events that bring together older adults and younger members of the community.