Racial Equity Art Project

Cultural Pattern by Rafael Blanco

On JuIMG_0488ne 20, 2023, the City Council approved Rafael Blanco as the artist for the Racial Equity Art Project. The Council directed the Civic Arts Committee (CAC) to work with Mr. Blanco in revising and approving the design to expand to both Pedestrian Mall blocks and the feedback from the public, the City Council, and the CAC.

The Civic Arts Committee held a study session to review and discuss the draft designs on Monday, August 14, 2023. The CAC was pleased with the revised designs responsive to their original discussion and there were no additional directions to the artist. The CAC met on September 11, 2023 and unanimously agreed to approve the final designs listed below. 

The art unveiling took place on Saturday, Oct. 28 and the art mural is now open to the public!

"Cultural Pattern" on B Street Pedestrian Mall

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