Area Lieutenants

Areas of Responsibility  

San Mateo Police Department patrol lieutenants are assigned policing areas within the city, and are points-of-contact for neighborhood issues. 

Area 1

West of US 101 from
Peninsula Avenue to Hwy. 92
(excluding the Downtown Area)

Area 2

West of US 101 from
Hwy. 92 to the Belmont border

Area 3

East of US 101
and the Downtown Area
Shannon Hagan photo, Area LieutenantPhoto of Lieutenant Anthony RiccardiEarnshaw Matt, Area Lieutenant
Lt. Shannon Hagan
(650) 522-7683
Includes N. Central & Central SM
Lt. Anthony Riccardi
(650) 522-7689
Includes Baywood & The Village
Lt. Matt Earnshaw
(650) 522-7627
Includes Downtown SM & Central Park
Did you know the San Mateo Police Department has a lieutenant assigned to each area of the city? Their main responsibility is to collaborate with business districts, neighborhood associations, and other stakeholders to tackle chronic issues and crime trends requiring extra attention from the City of San Mateo. Area lieutenants are gifted in resource management and knowing how to best fill the gap to ensure a successful outcome. 

What is the Role of an Area Lieutenant?

San Mateo Police Department lieutenants are your community resource after a police officer has been dispatched to address the issue at hand. They don’t have access to email or phone all the time, therefore it’s important to have police dispatch address any immediate need. You should not contact an area lieutenant for in-progress crimes, any suspicious activity, directions on how to file a report, or if you need an officer dispatched. 

The most effective reporting mechanism is contacting police dispatch for immediate problem solving. The expertise of a police lieutenant should be used after officers have attempted to solve the chronic neighborhood issue or crime trend. Please call (650) 522-7700 to report any criminal or suspicious activity.

Who are Your Area Lieutenants?

Review a map to see where your neighborhood is on the area map

Area 1 Lieutenant
Lt. Shannon Hagan
Phone: (650) 522-7683
Area 1 includes any part of San Mateo west of Hwy 101 from Peninsula Avenue to Hwy 92, excluding downtown. 

Area 2 Lieutenant
Lt. Anthony Riccardi
Phone: (650) 522-7689
Area 2 includes any part of San Mateo west of Hwy 101 from Hwy 92 to the Belmont border.  

Area 3 Lieutenant
Lt. Matt Earnshaw
Phone: (650) 522-7627
Area 3 includes any part of San Mateo east of Hwy 101 and all of downtown San Mateo.