Weeping Willow & Supernova

Installed 2019

Artist: Lyman Whitaker
Approximate Dimensions: Supernova 15’-10”; Weeping Willow 16’-7”
Materials:  Stainless Steel Windy Hill Property Ventures
Developers: Windy Hill Property Ventures


These pieces are designed to enhance the entrances with mesmerizing movement that will add a touch of excitement to the plaza and engage visitors. The stainless-steel sculptures have a reputation for standing out and grabbing attention, while maintaining a calming, meditative effect. The added benefit of the sculptures is how well they take on night lighting, which gives them a different and exciting feel at night.

The selected pieces subtly communicate a statement that merges the city feel with a natural element, as the shapes are derived from plants. The sculptures function like the plants and greenery incorporated in your project, except they do not require watering.

Windy Hill Properties
405 E. 4th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401