C.6 Construction Site Control

C.6 Construction Site Control
The City regulates stormwater management of all construction sites based on guidance given by Provision C.6 of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (i.e. MRP, No. R2-2015-0049, link here), City inspectors confirm implementation of appropriate and effective erosion, run-off and run-on, and sediment controls as well as other pollution and site management practices (often referred to as Best Management Practices, i.e. BMPs) by construction site operators/developers. Follow-up and enforcement activities at construction sites help minimize the discharge of pollutants into the storm drains. Such discharge can lead to sediment, chemical and microbial pollution of receiving waters like Marina Lagoon or San Francisco Bay. Learn more about related practice at the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program's webpage on Construction Sites, with link here.

C6 Inspection Requirements:
Pre-wet season letter by September 1st to all developments disturbing more than an 1 acre.

Monthly site inspections regarding appropriate BMPs during wet season (Oct. 1st-April 30th)

Followed up by:
Year round construction site controls for discharges and pollutants to all receiving waters.