Peninsula Clean Energy

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Peninsula Clean Energy

Peninsula Clean Energy, or PCE, is San Mateo County’s official electricity provider. Peninsula Clean Energy was launched collaboratively by the County of San Mateo and all twenty of its cities to meet local climate action goals. PCE offers lower rates and a choice of two electricity options, each with a different percentage of sustainable energy. The ECOplus rates are below PG&E’s, so with PCE, you’re getting cleaner energy at lower rates.

Energy Options

Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) is delivering cleaner, greener electricity at lower rates. You can choose between two different product options, ECOplus and ECO100. Each product has a different amount of sustainable energy from renewable sources like solar and wind.


Be An Eco Hero! Choose 100% Renewable Energy

The City of San Mateo is an Eco Hero and you can be too!

The City of San Mateo  is purchasing the ECO100 100% renewable electricity for all of its municipal accounts and is encouraging the City's residents and businesses to do the same. Visit PCE if you are interested in opting up to 100% renewable clean energy for your home or business.

To learn more about Peninsula Clean Energy and your options, please visit the program website.