Curb Marking Application Process

Application Process

The request process, including evaluation criteria, is explained in detail in the City's Curb Marking Policy and Procedures. For blue curbs in particular, please see the policy for installing blue curb markings.

A completed request form and submittal of the appropriate fee constitutes a complete application. Incomplete requests cannot be processed. 

After we receive your application, we will evaluate the request and determine if a curb marking is the appropriate solution. Curb marking requests are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests involving safety issues have priority over other requests. For curb marking requests that are granted, the work will be completed depending on City staff availability and weather conditions.


Curb marking fees are found in the adopted Fee Schedule and are collected for curb marking requests when the curb marking will benefit an individual property rather than the general public. A review fee is collected to allow the appropriate staff time to review and assess the curb marking request, and an installation fee is collected later if the request has been approved for installation. 

The review fee must be included with the request form when it is submitted to the Public Works Department. Installation fees must be collected prior to the curb marking installation.

The installation fee collected covers the upkeep cost for a 2-year period after the initial installation. When refreshing of existing marking is requested after the 2-year period, a fee equal to one-half of the current installation fee for such curb markings will be required. Under no circumstances shall the property owner be permitted to paint or repaint any curb markings.