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Data Axle - Reference Solutions (Formerly ReferenceUSA)
A leading source for business and residential data in the United States.  Find millions of business and residential listings and more.

General Business Resources

Business Source Complete
Search for articles in scholarly business journals.

CCH Cheetah
Includes Capital Changes Reporter, provides timelines for public corporations by recording name changes, new stock issues, dividends, splits and reverse splits as well as other actions.

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Directory of Business Information Resources
Provides comprehensive coverage of business related industries. Information includes associations, newsletters, magazines, trade shows, directories as well as international trade resources.
Financial Rating Series Online
Provides information to make informed decisions about financial planning.  Covers insurance, banks, credit unions, mutual funds, stocks, exchange-rated funds, and financial literacy tools.
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The Guide to Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms
Directory includes both domestic and international firms. Provides valuable, current, and detailed information to individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking venture capital.

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One of the best-known sources for stock and mutual fund advice.
Value Line
Provides investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. Includes coverage of stocks in The Value Line Investment Survey Plus as well as stocks in The Small and Mid-Cap edition.  Additional services include the Value Line Fund Advisor and the new ETF Service.
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Provides product information and valuable strategy for consumer technology.



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Kiplinger's Investing for Income
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