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330 West 20th Avenue San Mateo, 94403
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Display Case

Sculpture, Cheryl Coon
May 3, 2018 - June 28, 2018 
Artist Cheryl Coon is fascinated by microscopy and organisms like diatoms and plankton that demonstrate infinite variations of natural geometry.  Her sculptures explore many recurring patterns seen in nature, such as shells, spikes, thorns or fish spines which are used by organisms for protection.  She tries to capture a world of mystery and wonder and the strange creatures that lurk beneath the surface of water.  These sculptures are observations of aquatic life forms seen over many years of kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, and fishing around the Sea of Cortez and Baja.
Sculpture by Cheryl Coons

Art Gallery

Photography, Richard Mayer
May 3, 2018 - June 29, 2018

Alcatraz has rich layers of history.  Professional photographer Richard Mayer has been intrigued by the place since his first visit in 1985.  For the past eight years he has been volunteering for the night tour twice a month, assisting the 600 visitors that come nightly, as well as leading photography workshops there.  This photography exhibit showcases his exploration of Alcatraz - its beauty, the light and the shadows, the incredible setting, and the silent stories waiting to be told.
Photography by Richard Mayer