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Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas
We love dogs and have an established off-leash play area for them at Shoreline Park. There are 2 play areas; 1 for large and another for small dogs at that site.  These large areas (3 acres) have been very popular, and a great amenity.

In late 2009, numerous community members requested that off-leash opportunities be provided at other parks as well. In response, the Parks and Recreation Commission approved a pilot off-leash dog program adding 4 new areas which began in March 2010.

The new program was very successful and in April 2011, 4 new sites became established off-leash areas that the public can enjoy. Laurie Meadows Park is an additional site that was added in October 2014.

Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas
Bayside-Joinville Park (fenced area; see below) Daily 6:00am 10:00pm
Beresford Park (Chanteloup Field Only) M-F 6:00am 8:00am
Central Park (Fitzgerald Field Only) M-F 6:00am 8:00am
Laurie Meadows Park (fenced off-leash area)  Daily Sunrise  Sunset
Los Prados Park (fenced area; see below) Daily 6:00am 10:00pm
Seal Point Park Daily 6:00am Sunset

FENCED AREA NOTICE: In Los Prados, the site is fully fenced area at the southwestern end of the park near the south diamond. At Bayside-Joinville Park, the site is a fenced area near the Waste Water Treatment Plant off Detroit Drive.

Please remember that dogs are allowed in our other parks, but must be kept on a leash.

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