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Public Health Order Violation Form

  1. Public Health Order Violation Complaint Form

  2. City of San Mateo Complaint Form

  3. We are taking reports of violations of COVID-19-related health orders within the city of San Mateo. If you witnessed a violation, you can submit a report through this form. We will carefully evaluate all reports for enforcement and use them to help inform our enforcement strategy.

  4. Please make sure to carefully review the latest State Health Orders and San Mateo County Health Orders to evaluate whether a violation has occurred before making a complaint. In order to enforce these orders, a City Enforcement Officer must witness the violation firsthand. Please only make a report if you witness an articulable violation for which you can provide specific details including: the date and time, location, and the identity of the individual(s) or business involved.

  5. Thank you for practicing social distancing and protecting our community.​​​​​​

  6. Please Review Health Orders

    State Health Order:

  7. County Health Order:

  8. Disclaimer

    Please note you may or may not hear directly from an enforcement officer following your complaint, however, we take all reports seriously and are proactively monitoring throughout the city on routine patrols. Thank you.

  9. This form is not a substitute for emergency services. If you need police assistance, please dial 9-1-1 or (650) 522-7700. If you need code enforcement, please dial (650) 522-7150.

  10. City of Violation

    San Mateo, CA

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