How do I schedule an inspection?

The Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal let’s you search records by address, date range, permit number, or parcel number – you can also use the interactive map search feature. You no longer need to call or come into City Hall during business hours to request inspections or look up current and past records – everything’s online and available to you 24/7 from any electronic device.  


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1. What is the Building Inspection Division?
2. What services does the Building Inspection Division provide?
3. How do I schedule an inspection?
4. What are the hours of construction?
5. Can I request a special time for my inspection?
6. What is the waiting time for an inspection?
7. How do I cancel an inspection?
8. At what stage do I need to call for an inspection?
9. When will I need a special Inspection?
10. When do I need a Certificate Of Occupancy?
11. When would I need a Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy?
12. What types of complaints does the Building Inspection Division handle?
13. How do I comply with a "Notice of Correction/Stop Work Order"?
14. How do I schedule a Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection?
15. How do I schedule an inspection for a fire permit (other than Residential Fire Sprinklers)?