What services does the Building Inspection Division provide?
1. Inspection services - to ensure that new construction or alterations to existing structures or buildings are being performed in a manner that complies with the minimum standards set forth in the building and related technical codes.

2. Plan review services...of construction documents including plans, engineering data, energy conservation reports, fire sprinkler and fire alarm plans for compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.

3. Permit issuances...for building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, fire sprinkler and fire alarm construction, alteration or installation work.

Other services provided by the Building Inspection Division include off hour inspections, time extensions for building permits, inspection of fire sprinkler systems for one and two family dwellings, code interpretation consultation, and inspections of daycare facilities located in single family dwellings for 14 or fewer children.

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1. What is the Building Inspection Division?
2. What services does the Building Inspection Division provide?
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