I’m interested in becoming a police officer. Where do I start?

Everyone should start the hiring process with a ride along. Come meet the team you could potentially be working alongside! In addition, ensure you have enough college credits to apply. We require the equivalent to completion of an associate's degree from an accredited college. Lastly, be sure you’ve completed the PELLETB and WSTB exams. Additional requirements are listed in the application. 

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1. I’m in college right now. What degree should I get to prepare me for a career in law enforcement??
2. I’m not ready to apply yet. Are there certain jobs I should work at to prepare me to be a police officer?
3. I’m interested in becoming a police officer. Where do I start?
4. Can I go on a ride along to meet your officers?
5. What are the minimum requirements to apply for police officer trainee?
6. What examinations do I have to take before applying?
7. Do you require the PELLETB and WSTB examinations to apply?
8. Where do I sign up for the PELLETB and WSTB examinations?
9. What are your minimum scores for the PELLETB and WSTB examinations?
10. Do you accept scores from the National Testing Network (NTN)?
11. Is there a minimum or maximum age to apply?
12. What are the education requirements?
13. Do I have to live in San Mateo to apply?
14. Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?
15. Where do I apply?
16. Is there a minimum time commitment once I’m hired?
17. How many police officer vacancies are there?
18. Do veterans get preferential hiring?
19. Can active, reserve, or military veterans apply?