Who is responsible for maintaining the water quality of the lagoon?

We take great pride in providing our citizens with the best possible experience while enjoying the Lagoon and all it has to offer. Our parks and beaches are maintained daily to remove trash and goose poop, to clean bathroom facilities, and to maintain landscaping.  Water samples are collected weekly to monitor water quality for bacteria (e.g., E. coli, total coliform, and enterococci).  

Staff periodically open the inlet gates on the north end at O’Neil Slough, and turn the outlet pumps on at the south end to decrease water residency time and improve water quality.  We respond to all reports of illicit discharges to our stormwater collection system to prevent pollutants from ever reaching the Lagoon. We also work with a private contractor to abate aquatic weeds through mechanical harvesting, and herbicide applications. This has become increasingly difficult with shallowing, warmer water, and increasingly limited control chemical options.  Additional details are discussed below on how we intend to ensure water quality standards are achieved well into the future.

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3. Who is responsible for maintaining the water quality of the lagoon?
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