Does Measure Y impact the Housing Element?

Measure Y was approved by voters in November 2020 and sets limits on new residential building heights and densities.  The City needs to evaluate how much housing can built within the limits of Measure Y to determine whether the City is able to meet its RHNA under the current restrictions.  This analysis is underway and requires looking at every parcel that can accommodate housing within city limits that meets the eligibility criteria under Housing Element law.

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1. What is the Housing Element?
2. What happens if the City does not have an approved Housing Element?
3. How are the City’s housing needs determined?
4. How was the (2023-2031) RHNA determined?
5. Why is San Mateo’s RHNA higher than rest of County?
6. Can the RHNA be challenged?
7. How does the RHNA impact the General Plan Update?
8. Does Measure Y impact the Housing Element?
9. When will the housing will be built?