Can the RHNA be challenged?

The methodology was adopted in January and will be submitted to the State HCD for review.  The State will review it to ensure it meets statutory objectives. Once that is completed, ABAG will announce the allocations in Spring 2021 as well as the guidelines for an appeals process during summer/fall, and release the final RHNA in late 2021. Now that the methodology has been adopted appeals can only be granted based on limited criteria as described in Government Code Section 65584.05. For example, appeals must demonstrate that ABAG did not adequately consider information provided during the methodology process, did not use a methodology that meets the State criteria, or that some unforeseen change in circumstances has occurred since the methodology was finalized.  Since ABAG conducted a year-long public process developing the methodology that incorporates all of the State requirements, it’s unlikely that an appeal of the methodology ABAG used would be granted. Recently, only 2 out of 52 appeals from Southern California jurisdictions were partially approved due to errors based on boundaries and flood plain designations. It is not possible to challenge the overall number for the Bay Area at this time.

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