UPDATED: Can I protest DPW’s tentative approval of a wireless permit?

If the current draft of the ordinance is adopted, the San Mateo Public Works Department will have the ability to approve small installations of antennas, pole-mounted equipment, and underground equipment. Residents within 500 feet of such an installation will be notified of the department’s pending approval and will be able submit a written protest requesting a hearing to the Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission.  The Commission will render a decision on both protests of department decisions and applications for larger installations as well as installations of ground-mounted equipment. Decisions of the Commission could be appealed to the San Mateo City Council.

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1. What is a small cell facility?
2. What is Public Right of Way?
3. What is the range of these systems?
4. Can the City prohibit the installation of wireless telecommunication facilities?
5. Does the City prefer wireless facilities on wood poles?
6. What is 5G? How does it relate to current installations of wireless telecommunications facilities? What are requirements for 5G?
7. Which agency establishes limits for radio frequency (RF)?
8. How can I get more information about my health concerns?
9. Can Local and State governmental bodies establish limits for RF exposure?
10. Is a permit required from the City for these installations?
11. Does the City’s permit review address the design of the facility?
12. Are these facilities subject to the California Environmental Quality Act or additional environmental review?
13. UPDATED: Who legally owns the poles or wires? Who can legally attach equipment?
14. UPDATED: Once the City issues a wireless permit can other carriers install additional facilities on the same pole?
15. How long would construction take for a small cell facility?
16. Do other cities have these small cell systems?
17. Are Cities allowed to impose a moratorium?
18. NEW: How is it that other cities have successfully prohibited cell towers near residences? example: Palo Alto, Burlingame, Hillsborough near here but there are others.
19. UPDATED: Can I protest DPW’s tentative approval of a wireless permit?
20. NEW: How can a resident appeal? What basis of appeals that succeed?
21. NEW: Does the City of San Mateo have a conflict of interest in protecting the public because the city receives money from all the cell companies?
22. NEW: Who decides what is attractive?
23. NEW: Are you allowed to put small cells on schools? Near schools? On islands?
24. NEW: My house in the park is a cell phone "dead spot" Will the towers help with that?
25. NEW: There could be a proliferation of small cells as a result of 5G implementation. We could see boxes on poles less than 500 feet apart, can the city limit only one vendor per pole?
26. NEW: What control do we have on power poles in back of our properties? What protections do residents have?
27. NEW: What recourse do we have if a telecom wants to install a device by our house?
28. NEW: Where do we have cell towers now? Where are new ones going?
29. NEW: 401 Occidental was denied, the new location is just across the street - Why?
30. NEW: How many new towers will be installed in San Mateo Park and where will they be?
31. NEW: Who specifically at the city is responsible for keeping citizens of San Mateo Park and City of San Mateo informed about cell towers?