What other projects are needed to get my neighborhood out of the flood zone?
San Mateo/Glendale Village; Laurie Meadows: In 2016 the City of San Mateo hired a consultant to perform a study on this neighborhood, and recommended submitting a Letter of Map Change (LOMC) application to FEMA in order to re-map the area into a low-risk flood Zone X. The City and the consultant submitted the LOMC application, and FEMA uploaded the application on September 19, 2016. Although the City can’t confirm that FEMA will revise the map as requested in the application, FEMA has 90 days to issue a final determination letter or request additional information from the City.

Central/North Central/North Shoreview: Improvements must be made to the North Levees near Coyote Point, and the Coyote Point and Poplar Avenue Storm Water Pump Station must be rehabilitated to address the tidal and stormwater flooding problems in these neighborhoods.
There have been some discussions with the North Shoreview and North Central residents currently in the high-risk zone AE, and the City began working with a consultant to send out surveys in 2017 to gauge the interest in forming an assessment district.

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