Police Department


200 Franklin Parkway
San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 522-7700

(650) 522-7721

Non-Emergency Dispatch
Phone: (650) 522-7700
Fax: (650) 522-7721

Secret Witness Hotline
Phone: (650) 522-7676

Graffiti Hotline
Phone: (650) 522-7300

Contacting a Detective 

(650) 522-7650

Major cases and some follow-up cases are handled by Investigative Services.
Some cases which require investigation are assigned to a detective after the initial police report is taken. The officer who takes the initial report can provide you with information as to whether the report will be assigned for investigation and which detectives will handle it.

General Information 

Records/Reports: 650-522-7710
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 650-522-7700

Graffiti Hotline 

(650) 522-7300

Link: Graffiti Reporting 3 Different Ways

Investigation Services 

Investigation officers work closely with Patrol, the community, and the district attorney’s office to find solutions for victims in their cases.

Areas of expertise include Persons Crimes, Property Crimes, Checks/Fraud, Juvenile Detail, Missing Persons, Drug Registration, Taxi Permits, and Masseuse Permits.

Phone: 650-522-7650
Secret Witness Hotline: 650-522-7676

Police Activities League (PAL) 

(650) 522-7725

Our non-profit organization seeks to promote trust and understanding between “cops and kids” – bringing youth under the supervision and constructive influence of our city’s police officers and other positive role models in a wide range of activities.

Traffic Officer 

Abandoned Vehicles: 650-522-7766
Administration: 650-522-7740
Traffic Sergeant: 650-522-7745

Uniformed Patrol (Field Operations) 

Patrol Officers assigned to geographic areas.
Administration: 650-522-7720
Sergeant: 650-522-7730