Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety Division

Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety Division

The goal of the Bureau of Fire Protection and Life Safety is to provide a reasonable level of safety, by reducing the probability of injury and loss of life from the effects of fire and other emergencies or events.

Services and Duties

  • Review all construction project plans within fire department authority, focusing on fire and life safety issues
  • Sustain open communication with the development, construction and business industry
  • Provide comprehensive fire and life safety inspection program
  • Communicate vital information relative to all occupancies within the City of San Mateo for operations staff and other city departments
  • Provide consistent interpretation and effective enforcement of fire codes
  • Maintain the ability to investigate all fires that occur within jurisdiction
  • Provide fire and life safety educational programs

Inspection Programs

  • Multi-Residential Inspection Program - MRIP
  • Commercial Inspection Program - CIP
    • Businesses
    • Care Facilities
    • Day Cares
    • Churches
    • Hospitals
    • Schools
  • High-rise Inspection Program
  • Construction Inspections