Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an inflatable jumper?

Yes, at most parks inflatable jumpers are permitted. You will need to pay $25.00 for a jumper permit. However there are restrictions: jumpers must be no more than 15 x 15 and no slides or balls are permitted. The rental company must provide a generator for the jumper. There are only specific areas in which a jumper can be placed. Inflatable jumpers are not permitted at Parkside Aquatic Park and Laurelwood Park. 

How many people can sit at each table?

Between 8 – 10 people. 

Can we have alcohol at our party?

Yes, at most parks. You will need to pay $50.00 for an alcohol permit. Alcohol is not permitted at Ryder Park, Harborview Park, Parkside Aquatic Park, Shoreview Park or Laurelwood Park. 

What outdoor equipment is available?

We have one volleyball set and 5 bocce ball sets that we rent out for $30.00 for an all-day rental. There is a $100.00 deposit for each of these sets. We are not open Saturday or Sunday so the equipment needs to be picked up on Friday before 5:00pm for weekend use and needs to be returned on Monday at our Athletics office located at 2001 Pacific Boulevard in San Mateo.

Can I reserve a space if I live outside of San Mateo?

Yes. City of San Mateo resident and non-profit organizations will be able to reserve up to 9 months and non-residents and businesses will be able to reserve up to 3 months in advance. 

For reference, on July 1st a resident or non-profit organization, will be able to reserve through April 1st, 2024, while non-residents and businesses will be able to reserve up to October 1st, 2023