Marina Lagoon & Beaches

Marina Lagoon & Parkside Aquatic Park

With 4 miles of inland waterway in the City of San Mateo and some of the most visited Department of Park & Recreation sites, the City is committed to ensuring the San Mateo Marina Lagoon is fun and safe. The Marina Lagoon not only serves as a critical flood control basin, it also provides an array of recreational opportunities for everyone in the community.

In addition to boating activities, the Lagoon includes several walking trails, beaches, picnic areas, a playground and recreation centers. Learn more about Lakeshore Park and Parkside Aquatic Park

Our Harbor Patrol Officers are responsible for boating access and safety on the Lagoon. The Marina Lagoon offers sailing, rowing, swimming, power boating and water skiing opportunities. Harbor Patrol makes sure that whatever the activity, the San Mateo Marina Lagoon is safe for everyone. 

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