Dogs in Parks

We love dogs and provide an off-leash park for them within several of our Parks.

Dogs are allowed in our other parks, but must be kept on a leash. The City has an Off-Leash Program to allow more opportunities for dogs to be off leash in the parks. For more information on the program please review the brochure.

Our dog park and off-leash areas are very popular and we continuously work with dog owners to make the parks safe and fun areas to exercise your pet.

Some helpful hints to remember:

3’s the limit: Because it is difficult to handle more than 3 dogs at a time, we enforce a “no more than 3 dogs per handler” rule.

Clean up after your dog: In order to keep parks safe and clean for everyone, dog owners must pick up after their dogs. We provide doggie waste bags and many garbage cans.

Use a leash for your dog: In all parks except for the off-leash parks, you dog must be on a leash. Unleashed dogs are a safety issue for you, your dog and others – and it’s against the law.

When to unleash your dog: Dogs in the off-leash exercise areas should be unleashed. If you keep your dog leashed when others run free, it increases the odds of an aggressive encounter. But remember to keep you leash handy in an emergency.

Be in control: You should be in voice command of your dog at all times and be attentive to what your dog is doing. Please leave aggressive or anti-social dogs at home for the safety of your dog and others.

No food: Dogs love treats – sometimes a little too much. In order to avoid any food-related confrontations, please leave your treats at home.

License and vaccinate: It is important to vaccinate for the health of your dog, but it’s also the law. No unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs can enter the park.

In heat? Stay at home. Female dogs in heat can encourage dog fights. If your dog is in heat, please do not bring her to the dog park.

Kid friendly? Ask first: Not all dogs are comfortable around children. Ask before interacting and remember that children under 14 should be closely supervised.

Pilot Program for Off-Leash Dog Area @ Fitzgerald Field

The pilot program for off-leash dog hours is expanding to Sundays between Sunday 9/2/2018 - Sunday 10/28/2018. The hours will remain the same as weekdays: 6am to 8am.