Book Donations

Donations are now being accepted at the Friends of the Library - First Floor Lobby 

General Guidelines for Donating

  • Donation Size: Only 2 boxes or 4 bags will be accepted at one time without an appointment. For donations larger than 2 boxes or 4 bags, please call (650) 522-7802 to schedule an appointment before bringing them in. 
  • Please bring donations to the Friends of the Library room in the lobby (near the Accounts Desk) during regular library service hours.
  • If help is needed to move donations from a vehicle, please request a book cart at the Accounts Desk.
  • Home pick-up is not provided.
  • It is the donor's responsibility to count materials for which a receipt is needed. We suggest counting all items before bringing them in for donation. Receipt Forms are available at the Accounts Desk or the Welcome Desk.

The Library is pleased to accept donations of the following in clean, slightly used condition:

  • Fiction
  • General non-fiction
  • Paperbacks
  • Music CDs - all languages, all types of music
  • DVDs/Blu-Rays
  • Books on CD
  • Textbooks less than 2 years old with clean, unmarked pages
We CANNOT Accept the Following Items*
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • National Geographic
  • VHS tapes
  • Records
  • Cassettes
  • Damaged, damp or dirty items
  • Catalogs
  • Cards
  • Other miscellany
*We suggest contacting RecyleWorks at 1 (888) 442-2666 for these items.