2022 Ballot Measure FAQs

  1. What contributes to our quality of life in San Mateo?

Local residents value our robust City services that protect and maintain what makes San Mateo a great place to live and raise a family. The City is committed to maintaining these community services that support our quality of life, including access to parks and open space, public safety services, and well-maintained streets and sidewalks.

  1. How does San Mateo plan to maintain City services?
  1. What would a local funding measure support?
  1. What kind of fiscal accountability would the measure include?
  1. Who pays a real estate transfer tax?
  1. Do other cities have these types of tiered rates on real estate transfer taxes?
  1. When would this measure appear on the ballot?
  1. Who would be eligible to vote on this measure?
  1. How many votes are needed for the measure to pass?