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All classes on this page is are virtual and will be hosted on Zoom. After registration, you will be given a Zoom ID and password. You may register online at or mail in your Registration Form (please print) and payment to City Hall (City of San Mateo, ATTN: Parks and Recreation, 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403).

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FREE DEMO: Virtually Guided Mediation

Meditation is a great way to help us get from a place of stress and anxiety to connect with that place of peace and power within and help us to restore balance and reclaim our innate life force to live freely and fully. Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Sabrina Huang

  • Course Code: 242521-V1
  • Date: Friday, 3/19
  • Time: 9:00- 9:30am
  • Cost: FREE

Virtually Guided Mediation

We all want to feel calm and relaxed; Guided Meditation is a practice of aligning your mind, body and spirit. It is about being fully awake in our lives, helping to reduce stress, improve sleep and promotes emotional health. Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Sabrina Huang

All classes to the right are on Fridays from 9:00- 9:45am.

Activity Code Class Date Cost
242520-V1 3/26 $18 - Register by 3/19
$20 - Register after 3/20 
242520-V2 4/9 $18 - Register by 4/2
$20 - Register after 4/3 
242520-V3 4/23 $18 - Register by 4/16
$20 - Register after 4/17 
242520-V4 5/14 $18 - Register by 5/7
$20 - Register after 5/8 
242520-V5 5/28 $18 - Register by 5/21
$20 - Register after 5/22 
242520-V6 6/11 $18 - Register by 6/4
$20 - Register after 6/5 

Body Care

Check out the NEW Montessori for Dementia class that is FREE, Fall Prevention and Talk with a Doctor!

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  1. NEW! Montessori for Dementia
  2. Freedom from Fractures
  3. Fall Prevention
  4. Hearing Loss
  5. Doctor Talk

NEW! What is Montessori for Dementia?

Caring for an older adult is a consistently demanding job. Join us virtually to learn the Application of the Montessori Principles for someone with Dementia. Learn how this approach will benefit you and loved ones. Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Janice Cunanana and Raymond Villaroman, Care Solutions

242510-V1     F                10:00-11:00am            FREE                  4/16


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NEW! Cooking with Leah's Pantry

Join Leah's Pantry in a free 3-day virtual nutrition class and learn how to prepare tasty, healthy meals and reduce food waste. Every class features new topics and recipes! If you are a resident of San Mateo County, you receive free $6 farmers' market vouchers for every class! Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Anna Ng, Registered Dietitian at Leah’s Pantry

  • 242607-V1     Th              11:00am-12:00pm        FREE                  4/1- 4/15


NEW class! A Senior's Perspective is a free 4-week series focused around gaining confidence to navigate your future.

Photo of smiling seniors.
  1. NEW! Growth: A Senior's Perspective
  2. Redefining Aging

NEW! Growth: A Senior's Perspective

Successful growth in young adulthood is measured in visible, tangible moments such as our increasing our height, winning sports trophies, earning degrees and promotions, large houses, cars, and family sizes, etc.   Once we age and retire, our focus shifts and we seek to minimize loss and gain continuity.  In contrast to our earlier years, our growth is internal, emotional, and very personal.   

Without the visible signs of improvement, we can feel like we are alone in the ageing process, maybe even failing in the choices we make, which can foster doubt and insecurity.  This series will introduce you to several professionals who work in senior services who, through their experiences, will share stories to help you gain confidence as you navigate your future. Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Kathy Kaufmann, Avenue Sixty Two, LLC

  • 242621-V1     Th               2:00- 3:00pm              FREE                  4/8-4/29          
  • 242621-V2     Tu              11:00am-12:00pm        FREE                  5/11-6/1

This course is a 4-week series that will cover:

  1. Home Health
  2. Financial Health
  3. Personal Health
  4. Social Health
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"Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you."

- Katie Reed

  1. NEW! The Basics of Medicare and Medi-cal
  2. Understanding Your Medicare Options

NEW! The Basics of Medicare and Medi-cal

Learn the basics of Medicare Health Plans, and financial assistance programs that are available. This class aims to help people understand Medicare and Medi-cal, and to help people understand their health care options once they have Medicare and/or Medi-cal. Hosted through Zoom.

Instructor: Derek Brown, Kaiser Permanente Representative

  • 242517-V1     W                4:00- 5:00pm              FREE                  3/31
  • 242517-V2     Tu              10:00-11:00am            FREE                  4/20
  • 242517-V3     Th              11:00am-12:00pm        FREE                  5/13
  • 242517-V4     F                 1:00- 2:00pm              FREE                  6/4