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Photo of basketball player.

Skyhawks Peninsula

The following Youth Sports programs are taught by Skyhawks Peninsula Coaches. For additional information, contact David Lim, or (415) 290-4044.

  1. NEW! Basketball Drills
  2. Soccer Drills

NEW! Skyhawks: Basketball Drills: age 4-7 yrs.  

An introduction to the basketball, focusing on dribbling, shooting and passing. Training sessions will be held in a fun and safe environment following the latest health and safety protocols. No scrimmages or games will be played. Individual basketballs will be provided. All coaches wear masks at all times. Participants must wear a mask unless otherwise allowed by current health rules or in a stable social cohort. Individual basketball provided to all participants to keep everyone safe and having fun! Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.

Beresford Park Basketball Court

  • 220554-B1     Su              10:00-10:45am            $182                    3/28-6/13

World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinics

The following Youth Sports programs are taught by World Cup Soccer Camps & Clinic Coaches. For additional information, email or (408) 354-4949.

Photo of people playing soccer.

World Cup Soccer - Skills Clinic: age 5-9 yrs.

Working in small groups (12 players to 1 coach) to ensure a focused and fun practice, customized trainings are created to improve participants dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting skills. All City and County Health guidelines are followed to ensure participants are safe. 

Beresford Park – Grass Area

Ages 5-6 yrs. 

  • 230525-A1     M                4:00- 5:00pm              $159                    3/22-4/19
  • 230525-A2     M                4:00- 5:00pm              $189                    4/26-6/7
  • 230525-A3     W                4:00- 5:00pm              $159                    3/24-4/21
  • 230525-A4     W                4:00- 5:00pm              $219                    4/28-6/9

Ages 7-9 yrs. 

  • 230525-B1     M                4:00- 5:00pm              $159                    3/22-4/19
  • 230525-B2     M                4:00- 5:00pm              $189                    4/26-6/7
  • 230525-B3     W                4:00- 5:00pm              $159                    3/24-4/21
  • 230525-B4     W                4:00- 5:00pm              $219                    4/28-6/9
Photo of basketball hoop with basketball outside.

Rebound Basketball

The following in-person basketball programs are taught by Rebound Basketball Coaches. For additional information about the programs, contact Manuel Minzer, or (408) 499-6707.

Rebound Basketball: age 5-14 yrs.

Focused on personal skills development, class will provide students the opportunity to have fun through a variety of activities while improving their basketball skills. Participants will follow all health guidelines provided by the County.

Beresford Park Basketball Courts

Ages 5-7 yrs. 

  • 230538-C1     M                3:15- 4:00pm              $165                    4/12-6/7
  • 230538-C3     F                 3:15- 4:00pm              $165                    4/16-6/4
  • 230538-C4     Sa               9:15-10:00am             $165                    4/10-6/5
  • 230538-C5     Sa              10:15-11:00am            $165                    4/10-6/5

Los Prados Park Basketball Courts

  • 230538-C2     W                3:15- 4:00pm              $165                    4/14-6/2

Age 8-14 yrs. 

Beresford Park Basketball Courts

  • 230538-D1     M                4:15- 5:00pm              $165                    4/12-6/7
  • 230538-D3     F                 4:15- 5:00pm              $165                    4/16-6/4
  • 230538-D4     Sa              11:15am-12:00pm        $165                    4/10-6/5
  • 230538-D5     Sa              12:15- 1:00pm             $165                    4/10-6/5

Los Prados Park Basketball Courts

  • 230538-D2     W                4:15- 5:00pm              $165                    4/14-6/2


The following in-person youth horseback riding programs are taught Chaparral Instructors. All lessons will take place at Chaparral at Wunderlich located at 4040 Woodside Road, Woodside. For additional information about the programs, email or (408) 726-8453.

Photo of horseback riding class.
  1. Little Ranchers
  2. Little Riders

Little Ranchers: age 2-5 yrs.

Parent and Me is a program designed to give preschool/toddler age children a ranch experience. Through hands on interaction, participants will learn about horses and ponies, expand vocabulary, improve social skills and reinforce the importance or caring, patience and taking turns. Class includes riding with parent in tow. Parent participation is required.

  • 230568-A1     W               10:00-11:00am            $50                      3/24
  • 230568-A2     W               10:00-11:00am            $50                      4/21
  • 230568-A3     W               10:00-11:00am            $50                      5/19
Photo of youth tennis player.

Youth Tennis

The following Tennis classes are taught by Todd Dissly Athletics Coaches. For private/semi-private lessons or additional information, please contact Tennis Director Paul Lin, text/call (650)742-1382 or email

A refund/credit will be issued if a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or poor air quality. No refunds or make-ups for cancellation due to personal reasons. Check weather updates at All lessons will be held at Court #4 at Beresford Park Tennis Courts.

  1. Ages 5-7 yrs.
  2. Ages 7-11 yrs.
  3. Ages 9-11 yrs.
  4. Ages 12-17 yrs.

Pre-Rallyball Tennis: age 5-7 yrs.

Preparation stage for students aged 5-7 years old for the San Mateo pathway. Early skill acquisition depends on parent participation (Recommended). To progress to Rallyball 1, student must demonstrate proper grip and focused ball tracking. 

Beresford Park Tennis Courts

  • 230541-B1     M                3:15- 3:55pm              $173                    3/22-4/26
  • 230541-B2     M                3:15- 3:55pm              $145                    5/3-6/7
  • 230541-B3     Tu               3:15- 3:55pm              $173                    3/23-4/27
  • 230541-B4     Tu               3:15- 3:55pm              $173                    5/4-6/8
  • 230541-B5     Th               3:15- 3:55pm              $173                    3/25-4/29
  • 230541-B6     Th               3:15- 3:55pm              $173                    5/6-6/10

Martial Arts

The following virtual Kuk Sool Won programs will be offered by San Mateo Kuk Sool Won. You will receive Zoom meeting ID# and additional information about the class prior to the first meeting. For additional information, contact or (650) 570-5991.

Photo of girl practicing martial arts.

Kuk Sool Won: Little Dragons: age 5-10 yrs.

Kuk Sool Won is known for building character, while gaining strength, flexibility and self-esteem. Martial arts have been shown to improve performance in school and other sports, because it improves focus, and coordination. Each session with will focus on new principles.

  • 230535-V1     M                3:45- 4:15pm              $245                    3/22-6/7
  • 230535-V2     Th               3:45- 4:15pm              $269                    3/25-6/10

Kuk Sool Won: Juniors: age 9-14 yrs.

Kuk Sool Won is an awesome activity to gain coordination, self-confidence, and become fit. Whether your child is naturally athletic or not, one of the greatest aspects of martial arts is that all students get to participate equally in all activities while making friends. Each session will focus on new principles.

  • 230536-V1     M                4:30- 5:15pm              $245                    3/22-6/7
  • 230536-V2     Tu               4:30- 5:15pm              $269                    3/23-6/8