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Please note that classes on this page start and end a week earlier than the 2021 Spring Activity Guide session dates posted.

View the Adult Dance & Fitness schedule! All classes on this page are virtual and will be hosted on Zoom (with the exception of the classes listed above). After registration, you will be given login information on your receipt. You may register online at or mail in your Registration Form (please print) and payment to City Hall (City of San Mateo, ATTN: Parks and Recreation, 330 West 20th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403).

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Try a FREE class!

Try a FREE Dance or Fitness class on us and see if it’s the right match for you or your child! We have a wide variety of classes including Jazz, Ballet, Hula and more all from the safety of your home via Zoom. Simply fill out the FREE Dance or Fitness coupon, email it back, and we will send you a Zoom link to join our livestream class. Try a free class today and express your inner diva! Limited to ONE Free visit per movement idiom.

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Missed a class this session?

No worries, we have a generous Make-up policy that allows a student to make-up any Dance or Fitness class they miss with our program during the current session. Just complete the Make-up slip and return it to us so that we can then provide you with the Zoom link! NOTE: Please provide us 2 business day notice to our office in order to make up a class. This Zoom link if only good for the make-up class date mentioned and to be removed after its single use.

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Where do I get my Zoom links?

Upon registration, you will receive an emailed receipt that contains the Zoom login information.

How do I login into Zoom? How do I create an account? Please see Zoom Tips for more information!

Adult Dance

Join Allen in American Line Dancing in Beresford Park! The weather is beautiful - so get out there and dance in the sun!

Photo of Allen's outdoor class.
  1. Tap II
  2. Hula
  3. Line Dance
  4. American Line Dancing

Tap II

Want to rekindle your LOVE of TAP? You've found the right virtual class! You'll build on your technical skills of running flaps, shuffles with a variety of rhythms, buffalos, time steps all while getting a great dance workout. Have fun learning combinations of various types of music in this supportive virtual class.  No class on 5/31.

Instructor: Melissa Cheu

241713-H1   M                6:15- 7:15pm           $104                   3/15-5/24

Photo of Instructor, Marianne DeGuzman


Try this NEW class with Instructor Marianne DeGuzman on Saturday mornings! The moves are fun and easy to follow!

  1. Cardio/Strength & Stretch
  2. Total Body
  3. U-Jam Fitness
  4. NEW! MixxedFit
  5. Zumba

Cardio/Strength & Stretch

Get it ALL in one class in this great workout that incorporates cardio and interval training along with strengthening of lower and upper body muscle groups. Boost your metabolism, stamina and endurance! End with stretching and lengthening muscles leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed. All levels are welcome in this virtual program and movements can be modified to individual's need.  No class on 5/31.

Instructor: Mary Furuta

241546-B2   M                6:15- 7:15pm           $71                     3/15-5/24

Instructor: Rhonda Fitzpatrick

241546-B3   Tu               9:00-10:00am          $77                     3/16-6/1

Instructor: Mary Furuta

241546-B1   W                6:15- 7:15pm           $77                     3/17-6/2

Instructor: Linda Dehoff

241546-B4   Th               9:00-10:00am          $77                     3/18-6/3

Specialty Fitness

"Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees it." - B.K.S. Iyengar

Photo of girl doing yoga inside.
  1. Barre Fusion
  2. Yoga Fusion

Barre Fusion

Get a full-body workout while combining basic Ballet techniques, Pilates and Yoga, that burns fat and sculpts long, lean muscles.   Enhance flexibility, elevate cardiovascular fitness, and strengthen your muscles for truly uplifting results. Have light weights (2-3 lbs), resistance bands, chairs, and small towels available. All levels are welcome.

Instructor: Yue Whelchel

  • 241552-H1   Tu               5:00- 6:00pm           $77                     3/16-6/1
  • 241552-H2   Th               5:00- 6:00pm           $77                     3/18-6/3
Photo of Qi Gong instructor - K. McCarty

Movement Awareness

Did you know that Qigong means "practice of vital energy"? Join Instructor Kathleen McCarty as you increase your internal energy flow on Tuesday mornings.

  1. Yoga
  2. Pilates
  3. Staying Fit with Arthritis
  4. Tai Chi
  5. NEW! Qigong

Yoga I

Take time out for yourself. Feel renewed, centered, and enriched by this comprehensive virtual Hatha Yoga class. A steady flow of relaxation between asanas is offered with guided virtual instruction throughout. Beginners and intermediate students welcome. Best if a mat is used.

Instructor: Peggy Guaraldi

NEW!         241601-S1     Tu               6:00- 7:00pm              $101                    3/16-6/1    

Instructor: Adriana Buenaventura

241601-B1     W                7:30- 8:30pm              $101                    3/17-6/2

Instructor: Peggy Guaraldi

241601-S2     Th               6:00- 7:00pm              $101                    3/18-6/3

Chair Yoga

This virtual Yoga class is specially designed for older adults who have not exercised for a while or want to go easy using a chair and the wall to stretch out the body. Gain greater vitality, flexibility, concentration, strength, and balance in just 60 minutes. Instructors bring to this virtual class their love of Yoga and many years of teaching experience.

Instructor: Karen Slovak

241605-S1     Tu              12:45- 1:45pm             $101                    3/16-6/1

Instructor: Christine Salah

241605-S2     Th              12:45- 1:45pm             $101                    3/18-6/3

Yoga-All Levels

This ALL Levels virtual class is a slow flow class for all ages. With a focus on form, alignment, and breath, we will move our body through its full range of motion to increase flexibility, strength, circulation, balance, and stamina. Pose modifications are demonstrated virtually and individuals are encouraged to go at their own pace.

Instructor: Karen Slovak

241607-B1     F                12:00- 1:00pm             $101                    3/19-6/4

Ageless Yoga

This is a great place to start your Yoga journey no matter what age. Specifically geared for students whose mobility, balance, flexibility, and strength limitations require a more supported class. Postures are broken down and lead by the instructor with deliberate pace and emphasis on alignment and breath. We will do standing, seated and floor postures. Props may be used.

Instructor: Veronica Agosta

241608-B2     Th              10:15-11:15am            $101                    3/18-6/3

Yoga in the Redwoods (IN-PERSON)

This in person all level Flow Yoga class will invite your senses back to what they have been missing for months. It will provide lengthening, strengthening, and relaxing the mind and the body. The trees give privacy, protection, and oxygen in this magical environment that welcomes you back to healthy living. Class meets in the grassy area in front of the outdoor stage. Health mandates followed; mask required, social distancing practiced, and disinfectant available. Sign up early! Only 10 spots are available.

Central Park

Instructor: Donna Lanam

241606-C1     Th              11:00am-12:00pm        $86                      3/25-5/20