Housing Element 2023-2031

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The update of the Housing Element 2023-2031 is underway!  The plan will include an overview of housing policies and programs as well as identify locations that can accommodate the future growth of housing.

Housing Element Survey

Take a quick survey to tell us what types of housing policies and programs you think would benefit the community on Speak Up San Mateo.
Tome una encuesta rápida para decirnos qué tipos de políticas y programas de vivienda cree que beneficiarían a la comunidad en Speak Up San Mateo.

Participate in Community Meetings

The shortage of homes impacts all of us. That’s why now is the time to participate in conversations and plan together for current and future housing needs in all our communities. See below for a list on Upcoming Meetings & Events. You can also see Prior Meeting Videos & Materials in the other tab below.

  1. Upcoming  Meetings & Events
  2. Prior Meeting Videos & Materials

Future Public Meetings & Process Deadlines

Please note these dates for upcoming public meetings discussing the Housing Element, including a Joint Study Session with the City Council and Planning Commission. You will be able to access the meeting details on the Public Meeting Portal for these meetings.  The specific times in January will be added as soon as confirmed...watch for them!

  • Fair Housing Workshop
    • January 13, 2022, 6:00 p.m. – As part of the City of San Mateo’s Housing Element update, we strive to maintain affirmatively further fair housing as a priority in housing planning. Use the highlighted registration link and join the us for a discussion on what policies and programs the City should explore to improve equity in housing amongst all people.
  • Joint Study Session City Council and Planning Commission
    • February 7, 2022 
  • Draft Housing Element
    • Publish for 30 day Public Comment Period End of March 2022
    • Planning Commission Review April 2022
    • City Council Adoption May 2022
  • Submit to State Housing and Community Development
    • May 2022

Draft Housing Element Documents

The draft Housing Element will be prepared in spring 2022 for public review.  Below are links to preliminary background documents that will be incorporated into the Housing Element.

  • Draft Adequate Sites List and Methodology - a list of sites that are currently zoned for residential that demonstrate the capacity of housing production for the planning period of 2023-2031. The methodology discussion includes the description of the requirements of the State, assumptions used by staff and formulas used to calculate number of potential housing units.
  • Housing Needs Demographics - Excerpts from the full housing needs data that will be included in the Housing Element. This includes key summary data about housing and households in San Mateo along with maps that show data by neighborhood. 

General Plan and Housing Element Timeline

General Plan Housing Element Timeline Opens in new window

View .pdf version of the timeline

Stay Informed

Housing Programs and Policy Email Updates

More information will be added to this page when updates become available. Please check back frequently or sign up for the Housing Programs and Policy Updates email list to keep current on the progress and be notified of community events.

General Plan Updates - Strive San Mateo

The City is updating its General Plan at the same time as it is drafting the new Housing Element.  The City wants all residents, business persons, and community members to have a voice in the future of San Mateo.  Visit the General Plan project website to see how you can get involved: http://strivesanmateo.org

Let's Talk Housing

Let's Talk Housing is a collaborative effort of all the jurisdictions in San Mateo County focused on getting community feedback that will shape our Housing Elements – a housing plan that is part of every General Plan. Through an ongoing initiative called 21 Elements, we are working together to learn from and listen to the community about their housing needs, helping to make sure everyone is involved in shaping our shared future.

Frequently Asked Questions & Background Information

For more information about the Housing Element, you may visit the FAQs online or download this PDF version.

In 2019, the City hosted “Community Conversations about Housing”.  To read what community members talked about, see the reports from two workshops on the Community Conversations webpage and select 'Feedback and Reports'.