Downtown B Street Closures

B street Closure Proposal image for webpage

The City is in the process of creating a permanent Pedestrian Mall along B Street between First and Third avenues. Segments of the street were closed temporarily during the pandemic, and the City Council moved to permanently close the street to traffic.

The pedestrian mall will create a pedestrian-only zone and maintain the areas for outdoor dining. The closure would also enable use of the street for special events (i.e., city-sponsored festivals and street fairs). To accommodate the lane closures, a 12-foot fire lane will be maintained in the center of the street for emergency access for public safety vehicles. The fire lane will also be used in the mornings to allow for garbage service and deliveries to business.

East-west traffic can still cross at the intersections of First, Second and Third avenues. 

The City will be evaluating more permanent design options for the street closure in mid-late 2022. Learn about the City's Outdoor Dining Program.

Documentation and Notification:

City Contact:

Kathy Kleinbaum, Assistant City Manager

(650) 522-7153