Downtown Parking Garage ImageOn Oct. 1, 2020 work begins on the renovation of the Central Park underground parking garage. The work consists of structural repairs and seismic shoring, as well as a complete strip and resurfacing of the Downtown tennis court deck.

Scope of Work

The repairs to the garage will include:

  • Structural steel columns and beams will be designed, fabricated and installed at the parking garage entrance;
  • Post, elevated slab and concrete floor repair;
  • Removing the existing coating and repairing cracks that are exposed; and
  •  Applying base coat and binder coat of the new roof waterproofing system.

The scope also includes a survey of the existing slab-on-grade and elevated slab to establish a baseline against which future measurements will be taken to determine if seasonal movement is present in the structure.

In addition, a new tennis court will be painted after waterproofing is applied to the upper deck of the structure.

Anticipated Schedule

Work begins on Oct. 1, 2020 and is expected to conclude in summer 2021. Construction hours will be Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., no night or weekend work is anticipated. During this time, the garage and tennis courts will not be available for public use.

Are you a parking permit holder? 

Tennis Court Garage permit holders may use their permits to park in 10-hour, long-term parking spaces at other City-owned parking facilities for the duration of the construction work. Permits will not be valid for on-street parking or in 3-hour, short-term parking spaces at City-owned parking facilities. Visit the City-owned parking facilities webpage to locate the 10-hour parking spaces and for information about our Downtown parking facilities.

Project Contact

Stephen Wu, Project Manager, 650-522-7345


Sept. 15, 2020 - Notice of Construction postcard / Notification Area MAP