Policy and Oversight

Police officers are required to think on their feet and make split-second, life-altering decisions – often by themselves, with no back-up. It is critical to San Mateo Police Department public safety mission that through proper policy, training, and oversight we give our personnel the decision framework they need to make the very best choices in the field. Therefore, we are committed to providing an outstanding array of policy, training, and equipment, so our officers can give our community the safety and quality of life expected here in the city of San Mateo. 

The San Mateo Police Department continuously strives to be a progressive leader among law enforcement agencies. The department wants to ensure useful public information is accessible for review and use by members of the public. Access to public records is an important priority for us as we believe that public trust is essential to good community policing strategies and maintaining accountability.  

Providing information online about the way we work and the policies that govern us is just one of the police department’s transparency initiatives. The ability to readily access public information encourages inclusion, keeps residents better informed about police department operations, and encourages residents to help us keep their community safe. 

San Mateo Police Department’s polices are managed by Lexipol, and industry-recognized leading vendor that works in partnership with our policy team to ensure that polices are constantly revised in accordance with changing laws and industry-best practices. Our policies are the culmination of laws, legal decisions, best practices, and community input. They serve as a daily guide for our employees and are one of the many ways we ensure we maintain a professional workforce and act in a way that is consistent with training and national standards. 

The Department policy manual, field training program manual, and training plan are available online and we encourage your review of these documents. Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing police@cityofsanmateo.org