Dan Woodard - Virtual Art Exhibit

September 1, 2020 – October 31, 2020

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Dan Woodard

The act of creating has long been a driving force in Dan Woodard’s life. After designing and building his own home entirely by hand and creating a sustainable, organic lifestyle in rural Massachusetts, he worked as a fine art photographer with shows in New York, Boston, and other East Coast cities. He also worked and exhibited as a cabinet maker, a stained-glass artisan, and a potter. However, his primary career focus was as a script writer and director of film and video. His work has been recognized by over fifty national and international awards.

Upon retiring, he began to channel his creative energies into sculpture. In his first year of exhibiting, his work was selected for several shows throughout California. Since then, his work has appeared in over 60 national and international juried shows and was featured in the book, Contemporary Sculptors: 84 International Artists. In addition, his work has been recognized by curators and collection specialists from such museums as NY MOMA, the Guggenheim Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Oakland Museum of California, and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

His work has been described as elegant, yet also earthy and powerful. The sculptures are informed by his subconscious and interest in the worlds of the mythic, the numinous, and the archetypal. The artist uses these inspirations and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials to create both figurative and abstract pieces. His emotional state while he is working is also strongly reflected in the sculptures. Some express a calm, almost beatific sensibility. Others display extreme disturbance and angst. Generally, it is only upon completion of an individual sculpture, or often a series of sculptures, that he is able to tease out the meaning and significance.

However, regardless of the emotional impact, the artist seeks a connection with the viewer. His ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.


Marion Bronze - Dan Woodard
Pondering-Man - Dan Woodard
Pranayama - Dan Woodard
Hands-by-Face - Dan Woodard
Thoughtful Man
Bearded Man - Dan Woodard
Anguished Man in Flight - Dan Woodard