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    As of July 1, 2020, all credit or debit card payments will be subject to service fees. Credit and debit card processing companies typically charge 2-3% of the billed amount which is paid directly to the company, not the City. You can avoid these fees by paying with cash, check, or e-check.

Customer Self-Service (CSS) Online Permit Center

Our Online Permit Center let’s you submit building permit and planning applications securely online through our Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal.

We now accept, review, receive payments, and issue planning entitlements and building permits through our online permit center.

These new service enhancements will ensure our residents and customers continue to receive all development review services while we adhere to the Shelter in Place Orders. Once the Orders are lifted, the online permit center services will continue to help the City serve you better.

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  1. Get Started with Online Permitting
  2. Online Permit Application Types
  3. Virtual Over-the-Counter Building Plan Review

Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

Register on our Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal - You’ll receive a confirmation email in your inbox – once confirmed you’re ready to get started. Already registered? Log in and look for the new Apply menu item across the top of the page.

  1. Screenshot of the CSS page of permit types Opens in new windowComplete an application, which includes submitting your plans, documents, and other project-related materials. Staff will review what’s submitted to ensure your file contains all the materials necessary for your project to be reviewed.  

  2. Pay fees for your application. Once your file has everything needed, it will move on from being a pre-application to a full application. You will be asked to pay associated fees securely online via credit card. Then your project will be assigned to the appropriate staff for review.  How to Submit a Payment through CSS

  3. Responding to comments & collaborating with staff. Through the CSS portal, you can receive comments, provide resubmittals, and other activities related to the review of your application. We encourage you to collaborate with staff via phone, email, and video conference. Once the plans are ready for issuance, we will issue the permit, all electronically.

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Online Permit Center Support Documents

Video Walk-Through: Virtual Over-the-Counter Building Plan Review

This video will take you through the steps involved in scheduling a Virtual Over-the-Counter Building Plan Review. 

Video Walk-Through: Residential Building Permit

This video will take you through the steps involved in submitting a Residential Building Permit online. NOTE: The steps are similar for submitting a Commercial Building Permit online.

Video Walk-Through: Single-Family Planning Application

This video will take you through the steps involved in submitting a Single-Family Planning Application online. NOTE: The steps are similar for submitting a Multi-Family and Commercial Planning Application online.

Video Walk-Through: Plan Resubmittal

This video will take you through the steps involved in plan resubmittal through our online Customer Self-Service Portal (CSS). Also see: How to Resubmit Plans (.pdf)

Having trouble with the Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal? Use the CSS Customer Support Form to request help.