Preschool Classes

Block A

Block A: Parent & Child (Ages 8 months – 2 years)

You and your child can explore preschool together in this first step of our building blocks program. The classes are a fun time to get your little one used to the idea of preschool with singing, sharing, and arts and crafts. The classes focus on:

  • Reinforcing parents as teachers.
  • Building socialization skills.

Block B: Friends & Me (age 2-3.3 yrs.)

This class is for little ones who are ready to explore school on their own, but may not yet be toilet-trained. Friends & Me focuses on:

  • Exploration with a teacher.
  • Fostering independence.
  • Easing separation anxiety through self-fulfilling activities.
  • Continued building of movement and social skills.
  • Low ratio - six students per teacher.

Parent Packet

Block B
Block C

Block C: Tiny Tots (Age 3 – 4 yrs.) 

This class is the next step after Friends and Me and is designed for toilet-trained children. It provides a vibrant and nurturing environment for your child to develop:

  • Social and cognitive skills.
  • Gross motor and fine motor skills.
  • Pre-academic concepts such as the alphabet, colors, phonics and numbers.

Parent Packet

Block D: Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4 – 5 yrs.)

This is our last program in the series and is designed as a transition to kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten focuses on:

  • Continued development of social skills and building self esteem.
  • Providing a more structured environment in preparation for kindergarten.
  • Incorporating state recommended academic benchmarks.
  • Creating a safe setting to develop age-appropriate skills.

Parent Packet

Block D