Central Park Playground Renovation

Image of Central Park Playground, Adventure Village Concept rendering.

Project Update

September 2021 – With the community outreach process completed, the City of San Mateo is excited to announce that a design concept has been chosen.

Our initial outreach efforts informed us that the top responses for how the community would like the playground to feel were safe and fun, with the highest-ranking priorities listed as imaginative, inclusive and natural

The results for the favorite play elements were swings, slides and climbing features with a desire to see additional shade, seating areas and water elements and many participants commented on the need for an inclusive playground that could be used by children of all ages and abilities as well as one that was enclosed for increased safety.

Based on the feedback collected from these efforts and after presenting the different designs, the overwhelming majority of children and adults preferred the Adventure Village concept. 

The natural character of Adventure Village fits well within the majestic tree canopy of the playground while the magical forest inspired creative and imaginative play.  

Utilizing the collective input from our various public outreach events, a single Adventure Village Concept is now being presented in the design development stage. It is worth noting that in addition to the renovated playground, the plan includes a new restroom building, located adjacent to the main pathway that will serve both the playground area as well as the future tennis courts that will be located across the path as well as a new picnic shelter with BBQ’s.

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Virtual Workshop Presentation Documents

The following documents are from the Virtual Workshop that took place on Thursday, June 3, 2021.