Stay Informed

Be Involved. Stay Informed.

Our number one goal at the San Mateo Police Department is to keep our community informed during an emergency, while managing the need for public safety. Social media and the use of emergency alert platforms have put communication at our fingertips. By utilizing social media channels like FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, we can broadcast emergencies, such as hazardous situations, police activity, events, enforcement operations, and crime alerts. Similarly, platforms like Nixle and Nextdoor allow us to also share our press releases with you, in addition to the aforementioned. 

The best way to make sure you know what’s going on, is by following us on one or all of our alert/social media platforms, as we use each one differently. If you were to only subscribe to one for emergency notifications, please ensure it’s Nixle. 

Our aim when posting and sharing information is to make sure our content hits one of the Three E’s -  Education, Enforcement, or Engagement. This may include topics like posting safety tips or educating the public on a new traffic signal, notification of DUI Checkpoints or cell phone enforcement, and when we’re hosting events, just to name a few.  

By engaging our community in a way that is relatable, we hope to gain followership so that we have our community’s attention when it’s really needed. 

Visit our social media page to learn more about how you can stay connected.