PA18-052  Concar Passage

PA18-052 - Concar Passage (Rendering) (Sept 2018)
REVISED: July 19, 2019


640, 666, 678, 690 Concar Drive
1820, 1850 S. Grant Street 1855 S. Delaware Street


035-242-090, -140, -160, -170, -190, -200, -210, -220


Brian Myers
California Coastal Properties
4 Embarcadero, Suite 1400
San Francisco, CA 941114
(949) 719-1550 


Lily Lim
Senior Planner

(650) 522-7217


The City held a scoping meeting for the Supplement Environmental Impact Report on March 26, 2019 at the regular meeting of the Planning Commission. This meeting was held to receive comments directly pertaining to the proposed scope and no decisions were made at this meeting.

The purpose of a scoping meeting is to explain the environmental review process required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), indicate the topics being studied for the Supplemental EIR, and receive comments concerning the scope of the environmental impact analysis. The Notice of Preparation (NOP) can be found in the related documents below.

A formal Planning Application was submitted on September 20, 2018 and is currently under review


     •    Notice of Preparation  –  Comment Period March 13, 2019 - April 12, 2019

     •    Project Plans: –  July 5, 2019 (Current)
     •    Project Plans: –  September 20, 2018 (Prior)
          The size of the plans is too large and can be downloaded from this Dropbox link.
          Please note that a Dropbox account (free) is required.

     •    Project Plans: –  February 9, 2018 (Prior)
     •    Project Plans: –  September 12, 2017 (Prior)


     •    Planning Commission (Study Session): Meeting Materials – March 27, 2018
     •    Planning Commission (Study Session): Video – March 27, 2018
     •    Neighborhood Meeting:  March 7, 2018

A neighborhood meeting will be scheduled once the application has been deemed complete. To ensure updates, please sign up for Notify Me Email Updates.


Aformal application has been submitted to demolish the existing commercialbuildings on site and construction 961 multi-family dwelling units and 32,000square feet of commercial/retail space (including retention of Trader Joe’s and7-Eleven. The site is approximately 14.5 acres and currently occupied by theConcar Shopping Center, Shane Jewelers, and 7-Eleven. The project includes 15%affordable housing (73 units), daycare facility, and over 3 acres of open spaceand recreational amenity areas.