What the Community Told Us - Community Priorities

In order to build a vision for future facilities based on community needs and interests, two key community engagement strategies were used. First, in December 2015 a community survey was conducted. Over 20,000 households were notified, and more that 1,700 participated in the on-line survey. From a list of 25 activities, the seven activities shown below were highest priority for the City to provide. In answer to a question about what facilities should be enhanced or added, Aquatics Facilities was by far the most noted- 50% of all who responded said Aquatics Facilities.

The second community engagement strategy was to compose a 12-member Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that was broadly representative of San Mateo’s various ages, family circumstances, interests, ethnicities and neighborhoods. Their task was to review the survey results, all previous facility studies, and to tour each current facility to see for themselves. They unanimously recommended 18 Strategic Directions that make up the Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan that was approved by the City Council in September 2016.

SEE: Part II - Appendix 1 - Community Survey for complete survey results

Community Priorities