Volunteer and Engage

The City of San Mateo offers several ways for residents to volunteer and get involved in the community, and there are so many reasons to do so!

Volunteer Source

Volunteering is one of the best ways to engage with the City. Whether you are a student looking for volunteer hours, a job seeker wanting to learn new skills, or simply looking for ways to give back - there are a number of open volunteer positions to accomplish your goals. Explore Volunteer Source to find the opportunity and resources that are right for you. 

Stay Informed, Share Ideas, Connect with Neighbors

If you want to stay informed, share ideas, or connect with your neighbors, the City offers a number of ways to do that too. Explore the resources below and decide which method works best for you.

Volunteer Source

Discover citywide volunteer opportunities and resources!

2019-20 Q3 stats
  1. Connect With Neighbors
  2. Stay Informed
  3. Share Ideas

Neighbor Connecting With Neighbor

  • San Mateo has one of the most active neighborhood watch programs in the county. Get involved and learn about neighborhood safety issues
  • San Mateo has an active group of homeowner and neighborhood associations. See if there's one to connect with in your neighborhood.
  • Get on NextDoor to find out what's happening in your neighborhood

San Mateo In Action