Past Presentations

The City of San Mateo holds multiple workshops on sustainability issues. Past topics include energy efficiency, greywater systems, transportation and solar energy. If you weren't able to make it or if you want to review the information, the presentations are now available online.

Earth Day Taste & Talk Forum:   Driving Towards Driverless

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Watch the video link to Driving Towards Driverless Cars with Lauren Isaac, Director of Business Initiatives at EasyMile.

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to change all aspects of mobility – from driver safety and insurance liability to car ownership and how Americans commute. It has the potential to disrupt both public and private transportation as we know it. This presentation will introduce driverless cars: what they are, when they’re coming, and who is involved. It will also introduce what a driverless society may look like and what we, as a society, should be both excited and concerned about!

Driving Towards Driverless

Earth Day Taste & Talk Forum: Sea Level Rise in San Mateo County
Monday, April 25, 2016

Learn about this serious challenge that is facing San Mateo County and find out about initiatives underway by both
the County and by the City of San Mateo to address this issue. Speakers include San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Pine and staff from the County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability and the City of San Mateo Public Works Department.

City of San Mateo Presentation
San Mateo County Presentation
Measure AA Presentation

Home Greywater Systems Community Seminar

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alan Hackler, from Bay Maples presented about home greywater systems, including 'Laundry to Landscape,' and other cost effective and environmentally conscious methods you can use to irrigate your garden.

Bay Maples Presentation
Greywater Resources

Sustainable Landscaping Class
Saturday, September 12, 2015

Learn about the Cal Water Turf Removal Rebate Program, which provides a financial
incentive for removing your lawn. Discover the benefits of drought tolerant plants as
an alternative to your lawn, and create a water-efficient, low-maintenance landscape.
Explore ways to create beautiful and sustainable landscape that conserves water,
resources, and reduce your utility and maintenance costs.

Cal Water Conservation Programs
Sustainable Landscaping Presentation

The Nuts and Bolts of Going Solar

Saturday, June 13, 2015

The City of San Mateo, in collaboration with SolarCity and the County of San Mateo, invites you
to a free seminar on the important considerations that should be made before installing solar
panels on your home or business.

SolarCity Presentation
Energy Upgrade California Presentation

Water Wise Home Workshop:

Create Your Own Water-Wise Home and Landscape

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Presentation by Laura Allen, author of the Water Wise Home.
With simple plumbing alterations and smart landscape changes, every home has the
potential to create a sustainable water supply with an ecologically productive landscape.

Water Wise Home Workshop Presentation