Recreation Facilities - Vision to Reality

In September 2016, the City Council approved the Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan (RFSP). With a system of recreation centers and pools that is mostly 50+ years, the RFSP created a vision and plan for facilities that can better serve the community for the next 50 years.

Planning is currently under way to refine this vision into an actionable plan- identifying the specific spaces/facilities that should be provided at each location, reviewing and selecting from options that can achieve these preferred spaces/facilities, and costing out those choices so that a funding and implementation plan can be developed.

SEE: Complete Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan

Next Steps...How You Can Help Refine the Plan

We have completed the first round of community feedback, including 4 community workshops and an on-line feedback opportunity, but there is still opportunity to help shape the plan. Sign up for email updates, and we will notify you of future community engagement, Park and Recreation Commission and City Council meetings related to this plan. 


If you have questions about the Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan (RSFP), please contact:

Project Manager: Paul Council
Phone: (650) 522-7463

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