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​Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan

In September 2016, the City Council approved the Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan (RFSP). With a system of recreation centers and pools that is mostly 50+ years, the RFSP created a vision and plan for facilities that can better serve the community for the next 50 years.

SEE: Complete Recreation Facilities Strategic Plan

Recreation Facilities Masterplan

Planning is currently under way to refine this vision into an actionable plan- identifying the specific spaces/facilities that should be provided at each location, reviewing and selecting from options that can achieve these preferred spaces/facilities, and costing out those choices so that a funding and implementation plan can be developed.

As planning and analysis has proceeded, a number of key trade-offs or questions arose. We conducted a community survey during the period of June 11-29 to obtain additional feedback about the priorities of these trade-offs and options. Select the link below to see the survey results report.

SEE: June 2018 - Community Engagement Survey Results Report   

​Progress Report

Thanks to the great feedback received from this survey and the Community Advisory Committee, a set of options were refined and recommendations developed. 

A Progress Report was provided to the Park and Recreation Commission and then to the City Council in November 2018. The Park and Recreation Commission general consensus was in support of the Preferred Alternative, with one Commissioner preferring the 2nd Alternative. The City Council also reviewed the Progress Report in November and continued the item to their February 4, 2019 Study Session. It became apparent that analysis of additional questions and options would be helpful to the City Council deliberations. That work is currently underway. We tentatively anticipate that this supplemental to the Progress Report will be presented as follows:

Park and Recreation Commission Meeting
Wednesday,October 2, 2019 at 7:00pm
City of San Mateo, City Hall - Room C

City Council Meeting
Early 2020 (rescheduled from October 2019) at 5:30pm
City of San Mateo, City Hall - Room C

SEE: October 2018 Progress Report

Progress Report

October 2019

We had previously communicated to you that the Recreation Facilities Masterplan Supplemental Progress Report would be reviewed by the City Council at its 10/21/19 Study Session. A time-sensitive significant topic has arisen that needs to be on that agenda, so the Recreation Facilities Masterplan item has been postponed.

In addition, the City is about to initiate a community survey and we thought it may be timely to include questions related to recreation services and facilities to further inform the City Council’s decision process.

It is currently anticipated that the survey will be completed and presented to City Council in approximately January 2020. The Recreation Facilities Masterplan item will be scheduled for a subsequent meeting.

When we firm up the schedule, we will provide an update.


If you have questions about the Recreation Facilities Plan, please contact

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